Real Estate Valuation Program

Training program elaborated by VEPDC enables trainees to get theoretical knowledge in the field of real property appraisal, acquire practical skills, be prepared for certification and get appraiser’s profession. The training program will be led by practitioners and high qualified specialist working in real estate field. Interactive lectures, practical exercises and case studies will be used in the process of training.

Participants of the program can undergo professional certification and get respective cerificates in accordance with international standards.

The price of training is GEL 1170 (including VAT).

The program is designed for:

• Persons providing services on real estate market, as well as persons willing to start activities in real estate field

• Employees of banks and other financial institutions, construction, developer and insurance companies

• Employees of real estate companies and brokers

• Employees of audit and consulting companies

• Any person willing to acquire real estate valuator profession

Program duration:

Training program lasts:

1.5 months when the lectures are delivered four time a week (at 18:30 p.m).

Persons interested must fill up application form and together with the copy of ID submit to the VEPDC.

Professional certification

The aim of professional certification is to ensure Georgia’s real estate markets with high qualified specialists and services corresponding to international standards. Certification program fully complies with the requirements of international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2010 – General Requirements to the Bodies Operating Certification of Persons.

VEPDC certification body is accredited at the State Body of Accreditation of Georgia – the Accreditation Center. The persons certified by VEPDC certification body will get certificates in accordance with international standards.

Certification program includes 2 stages - testing and practical work.

The price for certification is GEL 400 (including VAT).

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